Jail Or Tail

posted by: Lilu

Wherever college fuck parties happen to break out, in this case the adventurous lot managed to wiggle their way into an empty courtroom to carry-on their sexual antics, you can be damned sure that the action is going to be wild and loose! College students are well known for their spectacular romps, and when they get a chance to do so while flaunting the establishment, so much the better! Kind of risky if you ask me, risking a night or two in jail for a piece of tail, but those youthful hormones have yet to be reigned in, and this site has a whole lot more of what you’re looking at above!

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Wheb Going Crazy Is A Good thing

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Sometimes life gets a little crazy, and in the case of these two college students…crazy takes on a whole new meaning, when they get the silly idea to get it on while at the local club one night. What was truly amazing was that all but a couple of stragglers joined in and just like that, the rage of college fuck partying was born! And for further kicks there is always at least one in every crowd that sends in the homemade video of the nights events, to this site that gladly scoops up all such material and then makes them available on the Net for all, and sundry, to enjoy! Who would have thunk it?

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More From The World Of College Fuck Parties

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Ringing in the New Year got a little crazy at this frat house! After consuming mass quantities of booze it was everyone down to their birthday suits an grab a hold of a fuck buddy or two and get it on! However, when the clock was about to strike twelve, this enterprising lad decide to pop his cork in style by using the toned cheeks of the nearest piece of ass to assist his efforts! And, man-oh-man doesn’t she look a little surprised at what he just did! That’s the thing with crazy college kids…you never know just wtf they’re going to get up to next and this site is living proof of that statement!

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Another Orgy Party Sighting

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Newsflash! This pic just landed in my inbox, not so very long ago, and I thought it worth sharing with you readers. If you’re wondering where this action took place, I have know idea; however, what I can tell about this picture is that it’s the latest ladies night out gone bad (good?!) screen capture from the most recent video acquired by this site. Orgy party action like this is hard to find, so best be heading on over here and having a look at this wickedness while you still can. Unfortunately, every once awhile one of the women in these videos is alerted to the fact that her naughty acts are making their way round the Net, and it gets taken down. Seeing as this is one of the better orgy party videos that I’ve seen in some time, this one is worth the checking out, fast like!

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Reno Party

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These waitresses were supposed to be getting acquainted with their new place of employment, but when the girls caught site of the hunky construction workers flexing their muscles on the job-site, it was more than the new digs they were soon to be checking out! And hey, you know the rep of a construction worker type guy, hot chicks spotted and let the fuck party begin! This is a wild ‘n crazy episode that I was truly thankful of having the newly installed security cams record! In particular, the spectacular carpet munching scenes between the girls while the guys hump their horny holes!

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