Another Orgy Party Sighting

posted by: Lilu

Newsflash! This pic just landed in my inbox, not so very long ago, and I thought it worth sharing with you readers. If you’re wondering where this action took place, I have know idea; however, what I can tell about this picture is that it’s the latest ladies night out gone bad (good?!) screen capture from the most recent video acquired by this site. Orgy party action like this is hard to find, so best be heading on over here and having a look at this wickedness while you still can. Unfortunately, every once awhile one of the women in these videos is alerted to the fact that her naughty acts are making their way round the Net, and it gets taken down. Seeing as this is one of the better orgy party videos that I’ve seen in some time, this one is worth the checking out, fast like!

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Reno Party

posted by: Lilu

These waitresses were supposed to be getting acquainted with their new place of employment, but when the girls caught site of the hunky construction workers flexing their muscles on the job-site, it was more than the new digs they were soon to be checking out! And hey, you know the rep of a construction worker type guy, hot chicks spotted and let the fuck party begin! This is a wild ‘n crazy episode that I was truly thankful of having the newly installed security cams record! In particular, the spectacular carpet munching scenes between the girls while the guys hump their horny holes!

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College Fuck Party Night

posted by: Lilu

Take one part horny college girls, add some funky music in the background, apply a liberal dose of hard-alcohol, bring out the male strippers and this dorm is instantly transformed into a swinging, college fuck party that goes on until the wee hours of the morning! For a little taste of what transpired beofre the sun rose, have a click here, and watch what these two drunk girls do with this eager to please hunk of man-love! They got the hots for him and work some amazingly talented oral skills between the two of them on his monster-sized cock!

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The State Of College Fuck Parties These Days

posted by: Lilu

What goes on behind closed doors in frat houses these days is hard to believe, unless of course you’re fortunate enough to get your hands on some real honest to goodness homemade amateur video of these wild and lewd college fuck parties, that is! Take this screen capture above of the most recent tape to land on the desk of this site that’s well known for buying such tapes. Some raunchy orgy sex happening here, I’ll tell you! Doesn’t seem to matter who is fucking whom these days…just so long as you’re getting your fair share of the hot ‘n sticky action!

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Get Your Orgy Party Pics Here

posted by: Lilu

Continuing on in my search for the best orgy party action that I could find out there in the Net, I came across this pic of a blonde chick thoroughly enjoying being groped by her new friend, one Mr. Male Stripper. So I had to check out there where’s and why’s of this and that led me to discovering this crazy assed place, where you can get tons of drunk orgy party shit for what I thought a very reasonable dollar amount. In fact, atm they are running a time limited special that gets you access to all 17 of their orgy themed sites for the price of only 1 site! Simply to good a deal not to pass over and/or mention. Enjoy my friends!

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